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Vol. 1, No. 1, 1969
1. Alteration in malate dehydrogenase of rat tissues as a function of age-S.N. Singh and M.S. Kanungo 1-4
2. Influence of sexual maturity on the blood serum lipids of the langur-C.A.P. Rao 5-8
3. Effect of radiations on ageing process-Sudha R. Chadha 9-14
4. Protein changes in ageing process-A. Ramesha Rao 15-19
5. Ageing of the lung-V.S. Balda, V.S. Mathur and D.P. Mathur 20-31
6. Leisure time activities of retired persons-K.L. Sharma 31-37
7. Approaches to the study of old age-H.C. Upreti 38-44
8. Book Review-P.C. Mathur 45-46
9. Appendix 47-48
Vol. 1, Nos. 2 & 3, 1969
1. Nathan W. Shock-Editor 49-50
2. The growth of a new science-V. Verzar 51-63
3. Nucleic acid changes during ontogenesis-Surinder S. Papiha 64-68
4. Immunology of ageing-Neena Kapoor 69-73
5. Ocular manifestations of senescence-D.P. Sharma and H.N. Chhabra 74-78
6. Understanding the aged-R.R. Singh 79-87
7. Appendix 88-89
Vol. 1, Nos. 4, 1969
1. Professor F. Verzar (A Biographical sketch)-B.C. Das 91-93
2. The Phenomenon of ageing-F. Ferzar 94-98
3. Some points of consideration about metabolic and physiologic aspect of neuronal age pigment-lipofuscin-Rameshwar Singh 99-103
4. Radiation response of certcin cell population in mouse body as a function of age-A.R. Rao, S.S. Pophiha and K. Singh 104-109
5. Religiosity and fear of death in young and retired persons-K.L. Sharma and U.C. Jain 110-114
6. Age changes in valuation of equality, liberty and modernity-P.K. Srivastava 115-117
7. The changing social structure and the aged-R.R. Singh 118-128
Vol. 2, Nos. 1 & 2, 1970
1. Alex comfort (A Biological Sketch)-Editor 1-2
2. Age and degree of differentiations of tissues determining the rate of tail regeneration in frog tadpoles-I.A. Niazi 3-9
3. Nuclear changes in ageing-D.K. Kaul 10-13
4. Geriatric nutrition-C.K. Joshi and G.R. Singhvi 14-19
5. A study of students' stereotypes towards ageing-K.L. Sharma and Prabha Bhandari 20-27
6. Sociologist in the field of Gerontology-N.K. Singhi 28-33
7. A survey of the problemsof retired persons-Vidya Raghani and N.K. Singhi 34-37
Vol. 2, Nos. 3 & 4, 1970
1. Institute of gerontology of the academy of medical sciences of the USSR-D.F. Chebotarev 38-44
2. Structural ageing of nucleoprotein-H.P. Von Hahn 45-48
3. Change in bound ascorbic acid content of rat testis as a function of age-B.K. Patnaik 49-50
4. Effect of radioactive phosphorus P-32 on liver and intenstine in swiss albino mice of different age groups-H.C. Bhartiya and Ashok Kumar 51-54
5. Diagnostic significance of high sedimentation rate with iron deficiency anaemia in the elderly-M.L. Mitra 55-59
6. Personality traits of adolescent, adults and old persons-T.E. Shanmugam 60-62
7. Age difference in perception of the underlying factors of student unrest-K.P. Krishna 63-67
8. Life-satisfaction in the older years-P.V. Ramamurti 68-70
9. Religiosity among the aged-Kripal Singh 71-73
Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2, 1971
1. Meet the flamoyant fleming-Editor I-III
2. Influence of age and partial hepatectomy on the DNA content of the liver of the garden lizard, calotes versicolor-K.L. Rao and B.K. Patnaik 1-4
3. Variations of thyroid structure in mice of different age groups-P. Uma Devi and P.K. Dev 5-8
4. Linked cross-sectional study of age related changes in human blood chemistry, haematology and circulatory functions-B.C. Das and J. Sakuntala Sharma 9-24
5. Relation of serum amylase activity with serum protein level during malnutrition in infancy and childhood
-B. Ahmed and O.N. Jayaswal
6. A study of relationship between manifest anxiety and age-K.P. Krishna 30-32
7. Attitude towards personal futurity: A cross-sectional analysis of age span 20-70-P.V. Ramamurti 33-35
8. Socio-psychological aspects of mental illness in the aged-S.N. Sinha 36-38
9. Book Review-A.M. Ghose 39
Vol. 3, Nos. 3 & 4, 1971
1. Age-related trends in the blood chemistry and haematology of the Indian carp (catla-catla)-B.C. Das and J. Sakuntala Sharma 40-53
2. Biological consideration in the estimation of need for hospital services-B.C. Das and Rhea S. Das 54-63
3. Medical problems of old age-C.K. Joshi 64-68
4. The lonely old man-S.N. Sinha 69-71
5. Child rearing practices in young and old adults-L.N.K. Sinha and K.P. Krishna 72-75
6. A survey of the happiness and unhappiness in old age-K.L. Sharma 76-77
Vol. 4, Nos. 1 & 2, 1972
1. The thyroid gland in relation to ageing and longevity-A.V. Everitt 1-10
2. Age related changes in the blood composition of calotes versicolar 1. Serum protein and serum amylase-P.K. Patra, Mihir Das and B.K. Patnaik 11-15
3. Rat liver respiration: age dependent effects of 2,4-dinitrophenol and potassium cyanide-S.N. Singh 16-19
4. Inhibition of DNA activity in the skeletal muscle during post embryonic growth-B.K. Malhotra and A.K. Bindal 20-23
5. Natural history of cerebro-vascular accidents in old age with special reference to cardio vascular abnormalities-Gurmeet Singh and V.S. Baldwa 24-30
6. Attitudinal conflicts in the post employment years among three low fixed income groups-Joseph H. Bunzel 31-49
7. Changing roles of the aged-Kripal Singh Soodan 50-52
Vol. 4, Nos. 3 & 4, 1972
1. Age related response of thymus and spleen in swiss albino mice after radiophosphorus (P-32) administration-Ashok Kumar and Gajendra Metha 53-59
2. Uptake of radiophosphorus is some tissues of swiss albino mice of different age groups-P. Uma Devi 60-64
3. Flowering time in nine winter varieties of rice as influenced by the interaction of the dose of short photoperiod and the age of rice seedlings-G. Misra and P.A. Khan 65-70
4. A study of aged: 60 years and above in social profile-C.K. Purohit and R. Sharma 71-83
5. Special science research and social policy-D.K. Mistry 84-88
6. Educational needs of senior citizens-K.L. Sharma 89-91
Vol. 5, Nos. 1 & 2, 1991
1. Influence of centrophenoxine on the nucleo-cytoplasmic interaction in senile neurons-I.K. Patro, Nisha Patro, S.P. Sharma and T.J. James 1-11
2. Age-related changes in heptic lactate dehydrogenase activity of male garden lizard during starvation and cold stress-B.S. Jena and B.K. Patnaik 12-16
3. Clinical spectrum of coronary artery spasm in ischaemic heart disease: Case reports in very young and elderly-Rajeev Gupta, Rajeev Patni and Sudhir Kumar 17-19
4. COPD: Magnitude and early intervention-Virendra Singh and Suresh Koolwal 20-22
5. Bowel dysfunction in the elderly-Ramesh Roop Rai 23-28
6. Elderly animal friendship bonds-Peter O. Peretti 29-33
7. The aged as a subculture and target of prejudice: Factors, theories and a caution-Tommy W. Rogers 34-46
8. Self concept and life satisfaction among aged-N.K. Chadha 47-54
9. Book Review-R.K. Choudhary 55-56
Vol. 5, Nos. 3 & 4, 1991
1. Age-related changes in basic protein content and soluble/insoluble protein ratio of the murrel, Channa punctatus-Nibedita Mahapatro and B.K. Patnaik 57-62
2. Role of MPG in modifying radiation effects in the growing follicles of the ovaries of sublethally exposed mice at different post-natal ages-S. Mathur, K.Nandchahal, H.C. Bhartiya and J. Routh 63-68
3. A study of thyroid function tests in the elderly patients-G.N. Saxena, D. Mathur, M.K. Chaturvedi and P. Chandwani 69-73
4. A note on parkinson's disease-Amita Bhargava 74-76
5. Self-perceived variable patterns in the closest friendship relational network of both, one, or neither sex among non-confined aged males-Peter O. Peretti and LindaTero 77-84
6. Factors related to successful ageing in medical men-Harinder K. Paintal 85-91
7. A comparative study of emotional problems in old and middle aged men-Saroj Rathroe 92-101
8. Correlates of orientation towards death-Tommy W. Rogers 102-110
9. Book Review-R.S. Bhatnagar 111-115
Vol. 6, Nos. 1 & 2, 1992
1. Liron Profile in Catla Catla (Hamilton), an Indian Major Carp in Relation to Length, Age, Sex and Maturity-M. Das and B.K. Das 1-6
2. Age Related Alcohol Induced Heamatological Changes in Swiss Albino Mice-N.S. Rathore, P.Ahluwalia and M.L. Gupta 7-10
3. Ischaemic Heart Disease in Eldery-N.C. Krishnamani, G.C. Mansharamani and V. Khetrapal 11-14
4. A Study on Organic Diseases Affecting Cognitive Functions in Old Age-V.S. Natarajan, V. Pandian, V. Kumar, R. Shanti and B. Krshnaswamy 15-19
5. A Normative Study of Mental Efficiency in Old Age-S.K. Verma, A. Kohli, S.T. Banerjee and R. Nehra 20-27
6. Support for Caregivers of the Chronically ill Hospitalized Elderly-Barry L. Hall 28-36
7. Subjective well-Being in Old Age-Sarjoj Rathore 37-43
8. Attitudes Towards Helping Elderly People: An Indian Study-Indira Jai Prakash 44-50
Vol. 6, Nos. 3 & 4, 1992
1. Lipase Activity in Pancreas and Brain of Aging Male Garden Lizard-P.V. Manibabu and B.K. Patnaik 51-54
2. Response of Young Adult Mice to Chemical Radioprotectors against Gamma Radiation-Virendra K. Jain, P.K. Goyal and P.K. Dev 55-59
3. Cancer Chemotherapy in the Elderly-Hemant Malhotra 60-67
4. Hypertension in the Elderly-K. Kothari, A. Mathur and R. Dhar 68-74
5. Self-concept and Successful Aging in Medical Men-Harinder K. Paintal 75-81
6. Hopelessness, Alienation and Life-satisfaction Among Aged-N.K. Chadha, Vandana Aggrawal and A.P. Mangla 82-92
7. Mental Efficiency in Elderly Depressives-Adarsh Kohli, S.T. Banerjee, S.K.Verma and Ritu Nehra 93-97
8. Language Loss in Aging-R.C. Sharma, Anita Bansal and S.C. Bhatt 98-105
9. Book Review-N.K. Singhi 106-109
Vol. 7, Nos. 1 & 2, 1993
1. Age Related Changes in Lipic Peroxidation Level in the Brain, Heart and Liver of Wistar Rats-T.J. James, S.P. Sharma, S.K. Gupta and B.N. Reddy 1-7
2. Sodium Fluoride in Primary Type I Osteoporosis-P.K. Dev and P.K. Goyal 8-12
3. Left Ventricular Failure in Elderly: An Echocardiographic Study Highlighting Normal Left Ventricle Size and Mitral Stenosis-Rajeev Gupta and Vijay Pathak 13-18
4. Aging Population: A Major Challenge for Health Care Delivery System-R.K. Bansal and Sanjay Banerjee 19-23
5. Gender Aging: Psycho-Social Issues-Indira Jai Prakash 24-29
6. Development and Standarization of An Old Age Adjustment Inventory-Shamshad Hussain and Jasbir Kaur 30-36
7. Some Factors Related to Adjustment Among the Rural Aged-M. Easwaramoorthy 37-42
8. Social Correlates of Adjustment in Aged-Saraswati Mishra 43-47
9. Book Review-P.C. Mathur 48-50
Vol. 7, Nos. 3 & 4, 1993
1. High Rate of Lipic Peroxidation I nthe Pons: A Possible Cause for Most of the Pre-senile and Senile Brain Disorders-Bhupinder, P.S. Vohra, S.P. Sharma, V.K. Kansal, B.N. Reddy and T.J. James 51-54
2. Effect of Vitamin E on Acid Phosphatase Kinetics in the Heart of Induced Aged Rats-V.M. Kurane and M.M. Pillai 55-64
3. Echocardiographic Determinants of Atrial Fibrillation in Older Patients with Isolated Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis-Rajeev Gupta and Dinesh Sharma 65-69
4. Acceptability of a Cereal-pulse Gruel as an Oral Feed Supplement in Elderly Hospitalised Patients-V.S. Natrajan, Shanti Ravindran, B. Krishnaswamy, M. Shashikala 70-74
5. Behavior Variables Affecting Emotional Abuse Among the Elderly-O. Peretti and Kris G. Majcen 75-79
6. The Impact of Family Characteristics on Caregiving in the Acute Care Hospital-Barry L. Hall 80-90
7. Impact of Age and Length of Widowhood on the Self-concept of Elderly Widows-D. Jamuna and L.K. Reddy 91-95
8. Some Predictors of Satisfaction with Present Life in an Indian Sample-P.V. Ramamurti and D. Jamuna 96-103
9. Scenario of Segregated Seniors-Saraswati Mishra 104-110
Discussion: Quality of Life and Hearing Problems in Eldrlies-Seema Gautham 111-112
Vol. 8, Nos. 1 & 2, 1994
1. Age Related Alcohol Induced Changes in Testis and Epididymis of Swiss Albino Mice-Y. Gupta, R.K. Purohit, N.S. Rathore, P. Ahluwalia, M.L. Gupta 1-7
2. Tumorigenesis in Young Sprague-Dawley Rats as a Function of Dose and Dose-Rate of Gamma Radiation-Seema Singh, P.K. Goyal and P.K. Dev 8-11
3. Age-Related Changes in Blood Cholesterol and Lipoprotein Lipids Among Indian Males-Rajeev Gupta, Shalini Jain, Hari Prakash and A.K. Joshi 12-17
4. The Psychological and Social Correlates of Successful Aging Among Elderly Indian Women-D. Jamuna 18-13
5. Old Age Depression and Intervention Strategies-S.P. Sinha 24-28
6. Self-Others Perceptions of Issues and Problems of Aged Women in Andhra Pradesh-D. Jamuna and P.V. Ramamurti 29-36
7. Life Stress and Personality Adjustment Among Aged Persons-S.K. Srivastava and Anshika Gupta 37-41
Discussion: Aging of Human Eye-Gopal Verma and Ravindra Singh 42-43
Book Review-R.K. Kaul 44-46
Vol. 8, Nos. 3 & 4, 1994
1. Effect of Methionine Feeding on ATPase and SDH Activities in Developing and Ageing, Zaparionus paravittiger (Diptera: Drosophilidae) 47-56
2. Inluence of Age on the Activities of Glyoxalase Enzymes in Rat and Mice: A Co-parison-Roopa Sharma Luthra and R.K. Kale 57-64
3. Case Management and Alzheimer Caregiver Support Groups in the Rural Sector, Problems or Opportunities?-Barry L. Hall 65-72
4. Changing Status of the Elderlies in Rural India: A Case Study-A.P. Mangla 73-81
5. Forgetfulness in Old Age-Vivek Sharma 82-84
6. Book Review-Kaninika Bhatnagar 85-86
Vol. 9, Nos. 1 & 2, 1995
1. Methionine Influenced Catalase Activity and Lipid Peroxide Level in Developing, Zaprionus Paravilliger Diptera-Suraj P. Sharma and Sarbjit Kaur 1-5
2. Integrity of Lysosomes in Heart and Brain of Male Mice During Aging-B.A. Tomake and M.M. Pillai 6-16
3. Do Corticoids and brain Functions Affect Mammalian Aging-Maheep Bhatnagar and Anuj Saxena 17-21
4. Homone Replacement Therapy and Quality of Life in Postmenopausal Women-Ritu Joshi and Rajeev Gupta 22-27
5. Situation of Institutionalised and Non-institutionalised Aging Women-Minal Patel and Kamala, R. 28-31
6. Psychosocial Aspects of Middle and Old Age-Anuradha R. Shirolkar and Indira Jai Prakash 32-39
Advice on Heart Disease-Vivek Sharma 40-42
Aging Can be Prevented-G.G. Mansaramani 43-44
Vol. 9, Nos. 3 & 4, 1995
1. Effect of Azide and Fluoride on Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity in the Liver of Male Garden Lizards of Three Different Age Groups-B.S. Jena and B.K. Patnaik 45-50
2. Age Dependent Changes in Body Weight, Brain Weight, Behavior and Biogenic Amines in the Hippocampus of Mouse-R. Baskar, P. Uma Devi, N. Nalini and B. Shivananda 51-59
3. Leucocytes Count in Young Adult Mice as Relevant to Aging Against Gamma Radiation and Liv 52 Treatment-S.S. Daga, Virendra K. Jain, P.K. Goyal and P.K. Dev 60-64
4. Pre-pubertal Changes in Total and Differential Leuocyte Count of Common Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) as a Function of Age-Bhaweshwar Singh 65-68
5. Effect of Sodium Selenite on Dehydrogenase Enzymes and Lipid Peroxide Level in a Developing Drosophilid Insect, Zaprionus Indianus (Diptera)-Suraj P. Sharma, Sarita Pathania and Balwant Singh 69-73
6. Social Support and Life Satisfaction of Institutionalized Elderlies-Meenu Arora and N.K. Chadha 74-82
7. The Life Scal: The Development of a Measure of Sucessful Aging-N.K. Chadha and Johan van Willigen 83-90
8. Advice on Diabetes-Vivek Sharma 91-93
9. Advice on Urinary Incontinence-Vivek Sharma 94-96
Vol. 10, Nos. 1-4, 1996
1. Age Related Changes in Amylase and Trypsin Activity in the Salivary Glands of Male Mice-B.S. Tomake and M.M. Pillai 1-6
2. A Note on the Incidence of Myocardial Infarction-S.Asha Devi 7-9
3. Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status of the Selected Elderly Subjects-V. Jeyanthi, K. Rajalakshmi, V. Vasanthakumari, V.S. Natarajan 10-14
4. A Study on Elderly Hospitalised Men Having Swallowing Problems: Diet Modification with the Use of Amylase Rich Food (ARF)-Mani Mala Mandapati, Pallavi Mehta, Mini Sheth and Ravi Tiwari 15-19
5. Role of Life Review in Enhancing the Quality of the Life of the Elderly-Audrey Pinto and Indira Jai Prakash 20-24
6. A Study of Some Personality Factors as Contributors to Old Age Adjustment-Shamshad Hussain and Priyadarshini Narain 25-33
7. Intergenerational Differences in Attitudes Towards Women-Indiara Jai Prakash 34-35
8. Family Relations of the Elderly After Retirement and Widowhood-Renu Malhotra and N.K. Chadha 39-50
9. Economic Condition of the Old Aged Persons and Their Pension Holding Status-A.L. Srivastava 51-60
10. Cognitive Models of Stroke-Robin Heath and Scott Justice 61-69
11. Advice on High Blood Pressure-Vivek Sharma 70-72
12. Advice on Osteoporosis-Vivek Sharma 73-75
13. A Report on XIV Mid-Term Conference Geriatric Society of India 76-78
Vol. 11, Nos. 1 & 2, 1997
1. Effect of ascorbic acid on acid and alkaline phosphatase in aging Zaprionus indianus (diptera)-S.P. Sharma, Rumi Panday and Balwant Singh 1-7
2. Alternate-day dietary restriction mediated changes in protein catabolism in aging brain of male BALB/C mice-R. Venkatesh, K. Geetanjali and K. Shankaraiah 8-15
3. Prevalence of coronary heart disease and risk factors in elderly urban and rural subjects in Rajasthan-Rajeev Gupta, H. Prakash and A.K. Sharma 16-20
4. Physical activity among the elderly: an exploratory study-Indira J. Prakash and M. Sreenivas 21-27
5. Retirement and aging: Leisure activities and health ailments-Priya Kanwar and N.K. Chadha 28-35
6. Influence of age on mental stress-R.K. Gunthey and Sarita Mathur 36-39
7. Effects of aging on teeths-Anita Gupta 40-41
Vol. 11, Nos. 3 & 4, 1997
1. Alternate-day dietary restriction mediated changes in glucogenic and ketogenic transminases in aging brain of BALB/C mice-R. Venkatesh, P. Judson and K. Shankaraih 42-48
2. Modulation of haemoglobin level in irradiated weanling and young adult mice against anti-radiation compound-K. Nandchahal, J. Routh and S. Mathur 49-51
3. Depressive disorders in the elderly-Shiv Gautam and Anshuman Pant 52-67
4. Amelioration of age-related cognitive deficit in rats by ayurvedic herbal drug 'Brahmi' (Bacopa Monnieri)-UmaGupta, Aruna Agrawal, G.P. Dubey and B.S. Gupta 68-71
5. Time structure and well-being among retired persons-S.P. Sinha and Richa Singh 72-77
6. An Inter generational study on the situation of the elderly in rural Saurashtra-Punita Bhingradiya and Kamala R. 78-84
Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2, 1998
1. Catalase activity in cysteine-treated Zaprinus indianus-Suraj P. Sharma, Sandeep Bajwa and Balwant Singh 1-3
2. Studies on correlation between lipid peroxidation and protein synthesis in various regions of brain in female mice-K.V. Ashokan and M.M. Pillai 4-9
3. Emerging problems of elderly: some steps for public action-Rameshwar Sharma 10-21
4. Factorial structure of the philadelphia geriatric center (PGC) morale scale in a sample of Indian elderly-Indira J. Prakash 22-26
5. Psycho-social determinants of institutional elderly: an empirical study-Priya Kanwar and N.K. Chadha 27-39
6. Depression in old age-Indina Gerontological Association 40-42
Book Reviews-R.S. Bhatnagar 43-45
Book Reviews-Tara Singh 46-48
Vol. 12, Nos. 3 & 4, 1998
1. Age related changes of glucose-6-phosphatase in different body regions of Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera: Drosophilidae)-Suraj P. Sharma, Jaspreet Kochar and S.K. Gupta 53-59
2. Phytoantioxidants: Theraputic implications of antioxidants in neurodegenerative changes in brain
-Sushma Jain, Sunil D. Shukla, K. Sharma and
M. Bhatnagar
3. The antiaging tole of vitamin A and beta carotene
-A.L. Bhatia
4. Psycho-social rehabilitation of dementia (Alzheimer's diease) patiens-Ravi Samuel and V. Shanthini 80-85
5. Grandparents: Help them to help children and youth-Barry L. Hall 86-93
6. The social and ecological structure of the daily life of the elderly in a religious order-Mary Metilda and
Indira J. Prakash
7. A comparative study of retired and pre-retired elderly on life attitude profile-Akbar Husain, Meena Arya and
S.M. Ashraf Imam
Diabetes in geriatrics-P.C. Ranka 106-108
Insight into menopause-Deepti Arora Sareen 109-114
Book Review-Dr. Vandana Ranka and Dr. P.C. Ranka 115-116
Vol. 13, Nos. 1 & 2, 1999
1. Hematological Changes in Adult Mice After Irradiation During the Fetal Development-M. Hossain and P. Uma Devi 1-10
2. Effect of Aging on the Kinetics of Acid Phosphates in Cerebral Hemisphere of Female Mice-K.V. Ashokan and M.M. Pillai 11-19
3. Decline of Hematological Constituents in Developing Mice as a Function of Age Against Prenatal Gamma Exposure-P.K. Goyal, Neelima Singh, Sunita Gajawat, T.K. Pareek and P.K. Dev 20-25
4. Patient Care Planning Involvement and Health Outcomes: A Pilot Study-Rita Ghatak 26-34
5. Loneliness in Later Life: The Role of Age and Gender Differences-J.M. Asgarali Patel and Dr. Aruna Broota 35-39
6. Elderly Women of Kachhi Basti: A Socio-Psychological Profile-K.L. Sharma 40-57
7. Pain Management in Elderly Cancer Patients: An overview-Vivek Sharma 58-64
Book Reviews-A.K. Gautham and Vinod Kumar 65-68
Vol. 13, Nos. 3 & 4, 1999
1. Age-Related Modifications of Selected Enzymes in the Brain of Male Garden Lizard-Subhendu Das and B.K. Patnaik 73-78
2. Kinetics of Amylase and Trypsin in the Salivary Glands of Senescent Male Mice-B.A. Tomake, M.M. Pillai, A.B. Mane and S.J. Jadhav 79-88
3. Age Related Macular Degeneration: The Silent Killer-S.K.D. Thakur, S. Kumar and N. Negi 89-91
4. The Potential of ARF Added Root Vegetable Slurry for Promoting Geriatric Nutrition-Ninaz Ankleshwaria, Sheetal R. Shah and Soura Banerjee 92-98
5. Domestic Abuse Among the Elderly-S. Ushasree and S. Azmal Basha 99-104
6. Role of Social Support in Alleviating Residential Crowding Stress Among Elderly-S.P. Sinha 105-113
7. Perceptions of Sons and Daughter-in-law Regarding Parent Care-Sunita Kaushal and M.K. Teja 114-128
8. A Study of Social Support Among Institutionalised Aged in Relation to their Age, Gender and Rule of Residence-Z.M. Quraishi and Nandini Arora 129-132
9. Dicussion: Aging: Psycho-Social-Biological Process-Vasantha R. Patri 133-136
Communication-Pallavi Mehta and Vanisha Nambiar 137-140
Vol. 14, Nos. 1 & 2, 2000
1. Age Related Changes in Specific Activity of Adenosine Triphosphatase in Head, Thorax and Abdomen of Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera : Drosophilidae)-Suraj P. Sharma, Jaspreet Kochar and S.K. Gupta 1-9
2. -Carotene Depletes Radiation Induced Lipid Peroxidation in Mouse Brain and Testis-Kailash Manda, Manish Sharma, R. Sisodia and A.L. Bhatia 10-14
3. Role of A Herbal Formulation in the Management of Age Related Neuropsychophysiological Deterioration Among the Elderly-Aruna Agrawal, Shiv Prasad Dixit and Govind Prasad Dubey 15-23
4. Quality of Life and Elderly and The New Middle Age (60-90 Years)-B.K. Patnaik 24-34
5. Exercise, Health and Elderly-H.L. Dhar 35-43
6. Care Givers' Concerns in Dementia-Nilamadhab Kar, P.S.V.N. Sharma and Somnath Sengupta 44-49
7. Impact of Age and Physical Health on Death Sensitivity-Jayshree Dhyani and Samir Patel 50-54
8. Elderly Perception of Loneliness and Ways of Resolving It-J.M. Asgarali Patel and Aruna Broota 55-60
9. Discussion: Aged, Society and Philosophy
-K.L. Sharma
10. Book-Review: Beyond Gender Differences (Adapting to Aging in Life Course Perspective)-Vivek Sharma 64-66
Vol. 14, Nos. 3 & 4, 2000
1. Antiaging Role of Centrophenoxine on the Various Parts of Mice Brain-Ajay Varma and A.L. Bhatia 67-80
2. Inhibition of Lead and Radiation Induced Hepatic Lesions by Vitamin E in Swiss Albino Mice-Sunita Gajawat and P.K. Goyal 81-85
3. Estrogen and Lipid Peroxide Metabolism in Various Regions of Brain of Ovariectomised Mice-K.V. Ashokan and M.M. Pillai 86-91
4. Psycho-Physiological Changes Associated with Menopausal Syndrome and Its Management by An Ayurvedic Formulation-Aruna Agrawal, Sushma Tewari, P.V. Tewari and G.P. Dubey 92-103
5. Age Related Mnemoactive Effect of Glucose-M.K. Darolia, A. Yadava and N.R. Sharma 104-108
6. Belief in a Just World and Well-being of Older Persons-N. Vasantha Kumari and Indira Jai Prakash 109-113
7. Twilight Years and Health of Older Women-Amrita Bagga and Anuradha Sakurakar 114-124
8. Repeatability of Structural and Functional Measurement Among Elderly-Renu Tyagi and Satwanti Kapoor 125-130
9. Factors Affecting Expectation of Life at Birth in Bangladesh-Md. Ripter Hossain 131-136
10. A Comparative Study of Neuroticism of Old and Young Age Diabetics-S.K. Srivastava and Deepesh Chand Prasad 137-143
11. A Study of Well Being Amongst Institutionalized and Non-Institutionalized Elderly-Radhey Shyam, Sudesh Yadav, O.P. Sharma and Parul Sharma 144-151
12. Elderly People in the Tribal Rural Area of Gujarat-Hiteshkumar N. Patel 152-157
13. Preventive Social Medicine and Geriatrics-B. Suguna 158-163
14. Provision under Human Rights for Older Persons
-Z.M. Quraishi and Nandini Arora
15. International Effort on Geriatric Oral Health-Naseen Shah 167-168
Vol. 15, Nos. 1 & 2, 2001
1. The United Nations and Ageing-Yogesh Atal 1-9
2. Cross-Culturally Comparative Structural Constraints Affecting the Social Aspects of Aging-A.L. Sinikka Dixon 10-29
3. Centenarians in France, Georgia, Hungary and Sweden: Social Characteristics-Gillis Samuelsson, Mary Ann Johnson and Michel Allard 30-52
4. Discourses, Voices and Visions on Aging In Mexico City-Veronica Montes de Oca 53-66
5. Uniqueness of the Israeli Over 70 Age Group-Debra Markus 67-72
6. Demography of Ageing and Pattern of Old Age Security in Bangladesh-Md. Ripter Hossain 73-81
7. Changing Family Networks and Relationships in Two Swiss Cohorts of Elderly (1979-1994) 82-99
8. Family and Community Care for Elderly People in Spain-Maria-Teresa Bazo 100-108
9. Community Care and Social Support for Older Persons in UK, USA and China: An International Perspecive-Sheying Chen and Yuhwa Eva Lu 109-125
10. Social Isolation, Loneliness, and the Health of Older Adults in Manitoba, Canada-Betty Havens and Madelyn Hall 126-144
11. Successful Aging: Dependent on Cultural and Social Capital? Reflections from Finland-Marjatta Marin 145-159
12. Ageism at School: Images and Stereotypes of Ageing and the Old Age in Argentina-Liliana Gastron, Haydee Andres and Jorge Vujosevich 160-180
13. Coping in Old Age: Considerations from the Point of View of Case Studies from Brazil-Lucia Rabello de Castro and G. Rabello de Castro 181-197
14. The Forgotten Majority: Images of Older Women and Their Lives in Italy-Isabella Paoletti 198-220
15. Reconstruction Life After a Death: Psychological Adaptation and Social Role Transition in the Medium and Long Term for Older Widowed Men and Women in the UK-Kate Davidson 221-236
16. The Assessment of Functional Fitness and Attitudes Towards Physical Fitness of Greek Elderly People-Chris N. Kabitsis and Yvonne S. Harahousou 237-243
17. The Global Ecology and the Older Adult in the 21st Century: Senior Involvement in Sustainability Achievement-Carl D. Ekstrom, Stanley R. Ingman and Thomas Benjamin 244-255
Vol. 15, Nos. 3 & 4, 2001
18. Population Ageing in India: Demographic and Health Dimensions-Rahul Dev Bhawsar 256-277
19. Integration of Strategies for the Care of Older Persons: A Cross-Cultural Study-Damodaran Sivakumar 278-286
20. Intergenerational Issues in Elder Care-D. Jamuna 287-295
21. Intergenerational Households of Indian-Americans: The Elders' Experience-Ramaa Prasad and Sally Bould 296-311
22. Institutional Care of the Aged-Pushpa Mary Rani 312-321
23. Life Satisfaction Among Institutionalised and Non-Institutionalised Elderly-Rajaan Gaur and Amarjot Kaur 322-326
24. Institutionalisation of Elderly and Quality of Life-P.V. Ramamurti 327-332
25. On Being Old and Female: Some Issues in Quality of Life of Elderly Women in India-Indira Jai Prakash 333-341
26. Personality Characteristics of Working and Retired Aged People-B.K. Choudhary, Sushil Jha and K.P. Krishna 342-348
27. Elderly and the Community Mental Health-S.K. Verma and Ashima Nehra 349-352
28. Role Adjustment and Status of Aged: A Case Study of Bengali Population of Meghalaya-Mrinmayi Banerjee and Deepak Tyagi 353-362
29. Influence of the Old on the Perspectives of the Young on Human Life 363-373
30. Leisure Time Activities and Indian Elderly-N.K. Chadha and M. Easwaramoorthy 374-380
31. Sex Differences in Psycho-Physical Effects of Psychotropic Drugs among the Elderly-Ghizala Khan and Akbar Husain 381-384
32. Euthanasia and Psychiatry-A. Venkoba Rao 385-397
33. Death, Dying and Living-R.S. Bhatnagar 398-406
Vol. 16, Nos. 1 & 2, 2002
1. Genetic determinants of ageing: prospects in the new millennium-M.K. Thakur 1-15
2. DNA-repair and brain ageing-K.S. Rao 16-44
3. Lipofuscin in cell aging and cell death-Nisha Patro, P. Gupta and I.K. Patro 45-68
4. Effect of age on testicular antioxidant defence system-Luna Samanta and G.B.N. Chainy 69-78
5. Studies of the effects of exercise and vitaminE on
the heart in animal models of aging-S. Ashadevi
6. Ageing in birds-T.C. Kara (Paralakhemundi) and B.K. Patnaik 96-125
7. Age-related changes in the liver of male garden lizard-B.S. Jena 126-150
8. Age determination in amphibians-K. Pancharatna 151-164
9. Studies on ageing in Indian murrel, Channa punctatus-B.K. Patnaik 165-193
10. Book Review: Beyond Psychotherapy: Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing-Ratan Singh 194-196
Vol. 16, Nos. 3 & 4, 2002
1. Protective Effect of Lactuca sativa on the Brain of Mouse During Aging-M.M. Pillai, K.V. Ashokan, S.J. Jadhav and B.K. Pawar 199-210
2. Melatonin's Anti-Aging Role : A Study on LPO in Mice Tissue-K. Manda and A.L. Bhatia 211-217
3. Impact of Mercury Toxicity on Fetal Growth, Postnatal Aging and Development-P.K. Goyal 218-229
4. Antibiotic Resistance Among Common Aerobic Gram-Negative Bacteria in Hospitalized Elderly Patients-B.V. Navaneeth and M.R. Sandhya Belwadi 230-235
5. Total Cardiac Cost of Performing Selected Activities by Elderly Women of Punjab & Technologies to Reduce It-P. Sandhu and R. Bakhshi 236-249
6. A Study on Diet, Nutritional Status and Disease Profile of the Elderly Suffering from Depression-Pallavi Mehta and Kalyani Laddu 250-257
7. Relationship Between Sociodemographic Indicators, Income, Lifestyle and Calorie Intake in Postmenopausal Women-Vanisha S. Nambiar and Subadra Seshadri 258-268
8. Perceived Causes of Loneliness in the Golden Years: A Cross-Cultural Comparison-Ami Rokach and Felix Neto 269-285
9. Images of Ageing-K.L. Sharma 286-297
10. Life Satisfaction and Values in Retired Women
-Sangeeta Bhatia
11. Effect of Living Arrangement and Gender Differences on Emotional States and Self-Esteem of Old Aged Persons-S.K. Srivastava and Sweta Agrawal 312-320
12. Life of the Elderly in a Rajasthan Village
-Bela Kothari and Rolly Sinha
13. Morpho-Physiological Changes Among High Altitude Aged-Mary Grace Tungdim, Satwanti Kapoor
and A.K. Kapoor
14. SES and Marital Status as Related to Home Adjustment of Drug Addicts of Different Age Groups-Nidhi Singh and G.P. Thakur 344-351
15. Demographic Transition and Aging of Population in Bangladesh-Md. Ripter Hossain 352-366
16. Human Rights and the Elderly : A Canadian Perspective-Barry L. Hall

  Contents of Vol 17, Nos. 1 & 2, 2003  
1. Aging of Salmon B.K. Patnaika and T.C. Kara 1-22
2. Age-Dependent Modulation of Calcium and Inorganic Phosphorus
Utilization of Post-Pubertal Female Mice Bhaweshwar Singh and Nivedita Lal
3. Immunosenescence in Elderly - Prevention andManagement Strategies
Aruna Agrawal and G.P. Dubey
4. Dementia : A Geriatric Disorder Amit Goel, Ruchi Goel and Prakash Sangal 35-38
5. A Study of Structural Changes with Age among the Rajput Adult Males
of Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh Navneet Kaur and Satwanti Kapoor
6. Designing Household Equipment, Furniture and Workplaces for Elderly
Women of Punjab R. Bakshi, P. Sandhu, M. Sidhu and M. Bhalla
7. Autonomy or Dependence? Housing and Living Arrangements of the
Elderly in Hong Kong Chan Kam-wah and James Lee
8. Subjective Well-Being of Nigerian Urban Elderly Philip O. Sijuwade 77-84
9. Religiosity as a Contributor to Meaning in Life S. Ushasree and S.A. Basha 85-98
10. Adjustment of the Elderly in Relation to Living Arrangement, Gender and Family Life Satisfaction Jacob Cherian 99-108
11. A Look into the Lives of Older Persons Parul Dave and Ginu John 109-116
12. Life Experiences of Older Widowers and Non-Widowers K. Lalitha and D. Jamuna 117-126
13. Perceived Status of the Elderly in Family A.L. Srivastava, Dinesh Kumar Singh and Sanjay Kumar 127-135
14. A Study of Loneliness in an Old Age Home in India : A Case of Kanpur
Anindya Jayanta Mishra
15. Future of Elder Care in India : Hope or Despair Some Alternative Care
Models D. Jamuna, K. Lalitha & P.V. Ramamurti
16. Health Status and Care Givers of Elderly Rural Women K.L. Sharma 157-166
17. Contribution of the Indicated Factors to Aged Population and Expectation
of Life at Birth in Bangladesh Md. Ripter Hossain
18. Ageing - A Transition of Authority B. Suguna 177-182
19. Urban Elderly Workers Occupied in Kite Manufacturing Industry : A Case Study Hiteshkumar N. Patel 183-188
20. Managing Mindset of Young and Old : Healthy Aging A.M. Khan 189-196
21. A Study of Sociological Perspective of the Deprivations to the AgedD.P. Saxena 197-204
22. Issues of Emotional Integration, Peace and Happiness - The Vedantic View Sajjan Singh 205-212

Contents of Vol 17, Nos. 3 & 4, 2003
1. Ageing and the Challenge of the Age
Arup K Banerjee
2. Evidence-based prescribing in the Elderly – Is it possible?
Vasi Naganathan, Robert Cumming and David Le Couteur
3. Atrial Fibrillation in the Elderly:
Management Issues
BV Bajorek, SJ Ogle, I Krass, MJ Duguid and GM Shenfield
4. Testing-Related Effects of Different Resistance Training
Intensities on Muscular Performance of Elderly
I. Fatouros, A. Beneka, P. Malliou, A. Kambas,
A. Jamurtas and K. Taxildaris
5. Importance of Osteoporosis for the Aging Society in India : Status Review and Recommendations
Shanthi Jacob Johnson, Irudaya Rajan and William McLeod
6. Care of Frail Elderly
H.L. Dhar
7. Cataract : An Old Age Disease
P.D. Gupta, S.R. Kaid Johar, S. Rajkumar, Manasi Dave,
Dhara Patel, Shetal Raj and A.R. Vasavada
8. Risk Factors of Senile Cataract Among Elderly Persons
Aged 50 Years and Above in Rural Areas of Wardha in Maharashtra
M. Meghachandra Singh, G.V.S. Murthy and R. Venkatraman
9. Hearing in Elderly
Saurabh Varshney and R.K. Saxena
10. Potentially Reversible Dementia in Elderly
I.S. Gambhir, Alok Kumar Singh and R.N. Chaurasia
11. Mental Health Status of the Retired Employees
B. Nagarathnamma
12. A Study on Life Style Factors, Diet Profile and Impact of Nutrition Health Education (NHE) in Elderly Women with
Breast Cancer (60 years onwards)
Bhagyashree Shringarpure and Pallavi Mehta
13. Dietary Habits, Nutritional Status and Levels of Serum
Vitamin E in Healthy Older Adults in India
Raj Kumar Yadav, Shyam Prakash and Payal R. Kumar
14. A Study on Nutrition and Disease Profile of Elderly
Belonging to Three Different Communities
Pallavi Mehta and Mansi Mehta
15. A Study on Assessment of Diet, Nutrition and Health
Profile of Elderly in Religious Order
T. Vasavda and P. Mehta
16. Functional Status of the Elderly Persons Residing in Urban Slums Swaroop Kumar Sahu, Trilochan Sahu,
Nirmal C. Sahani and Sarada Prasanna Swain
17. Epidemiology of Injury Related Deaths in Elderly Persons :
A Retrospective Study
S. Lalwani, G.A.S.K. Sharma, Ravi Rautji, A. Rudra, D.N. Bhardwaj, T.D. Dogra and Aarti Vij
18. Morbidity and Mortality Profile Among Hospitalised Elderly Patients
Atul Shah, S.V. Joshi and H.L. Dhar
19. Old-age Mortality and Its Behaviour Pattern
Mathematical Sociology of Asian Population
N. Ravichandran


Vol 18 No. 1, 2004

S.No. Chapter Page No.
1. Prophylactic role of diltiazem against aging effects of gamma radiation on leucocytes in mice
V.S. Shekhawat and P.K. Goyal
2. Ageing Brain: A comparison between young and old male garden lizards in some biochemical parameters of whole brain and mid brain radiation induced oxidative stress
K. Dass
3. Dietary supplementation of spinach improves learning and memory in mice after radiation induced oxidative stress
Rajesh Kumar Verma, R. Sisodia and A.L. Bhatia
4. Memory status in the elderly and Its correlates : An intervention study
K. Lalitha and D. Jamuna
5. Dietary patterns and its relations to disease profile in postmenopausal women (Part-II)
Vanisha S. Nambiar and Subhadara Seshadri
6. Correlates of serum albumin levels among home : Bound male elderly
Sujata Ramammurti and D. Divya
7. An Investigation of the circumstances of death which product poor coping in older bereaved spouses
Kate Mary Benneti
8. Aging in place : Possibilities and problems
Indira Jai Prakash
9. Quality of life of religious older people : Effect of productive engagement in work and gender
Madhu Jain and Anamika Sharma